Standard & Non Standard Box Designs


The Standard Sizes for Potato Boxes are as follows ;



Length  -    The overall length is 1830mm


Width   -     The standard width is 1193mm, although some customers have remained

                         on the imperial 1220mm ( 48 " ) standard.


Height  -    An overall height of the box varies from one customer to the next,

                         but as a general guide the heights fall into three categories


                a )    914mm overall. This box nominally holds 1000kg of potatoes


                b )    965mm overall. This box nominally holds 1100kg of potatoes


                c )    1070mm overall. This box nominally holds 1200kg of potatoes


                         Variations of dimensions are possible, but must fall within the

                         dimensional limits as set out in BS7611, further details can

                         be obtained by request.


Base    -     The base can be either an " open " type where the box tippler

                        MUST support the top of the box during unloading, or a " closed "

                        type where there are " box length " bottom boards, and can be used

                        for example on a forklift rotator attachment.


Gaps    -     Boxes can be supplied either " open " or "close " boarded.

                        The prefered gap for openboarded is a nominal 26mm, other

                        customers prefer variations down to 10mm, depending upon

                        potato size and type.

                        Closeboarded boxes are what they say, but we do prefer to leave a

                        small gap  approximately half way down the box to allow for

                        swelling of the boards when the box is in wet conditions.

















Other Notes About Our Potato Boxes



Finish    -             All timber is fully planed with rounded edges where required to

                                reduce crop damage  bruising etc, diagonal braces are chamfered

                                on the bottom edges to reduce crop being left in the bottom of the box

                                when emptying.


Preserves    -    Box makers cannot treat boxes with any preservatives, because

                                at present there no known " food safe " preservatives available

                                on the market.


Metalwork   -    All nails, nuts, bolts, washers etc are ALL zinc plated for a much longer

                                working life.

                                The nominal plating thickness is 9 - 14 microns, and although a white

                                powdery finish appears on zinc after a while in the wet, this is

                                perfectly normal and is only surface scaling.


A typical " closeboarded " box with diagonal braces and bolted centres.

This arangement at the bottom has the effect of sandwiching the centre post, and dramatically reduces the box from bowing out when full, making safer stacking possible.

A typical " Openboarded box with bolted centres. This arrangement at the bottom has the effect of sandwiching the centre post, and dramatically reduces the box from bowing out when full, making safe stacking possible.

An openboarded sides, and closeboarded ends type of box is used for ventilation systems such a plenum wall / letterbox systems where air is not permitted to escape from the 4' ends.

We can also produce boxes using the gangnail plates, but wouldnt recommend gaps any more than 10mmOur nailplates conform to BSEN 10147

Other types of boxes come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes to suit for many other products and purposes. Shown here is a gated bin for use in hopper / silo filling systems and also for emptying seed potato.

Materials - Russian and Scandinavian redwood timber is used for all

                  components of our boxes. These types are slow growing

                  producing a very tight grain and has excellent machining

                  and nail holding properties. This timber is very suited for

                  use in modern chilled stores where moisture can be

                  very high.

This is our typical 1 tonne or 1.1 tonne openboarded box with 26mm gaps all round allowing an adequate airflow for most stores.


Portable Log Stores are now becoming popular, as they are easily transported around yards for easy filling. The fronts are open for access, with the back and ends having 25mm airvent gaps.

The front centre post is retained for use during multi stacking as it is a load bearing component.

These boxes can also be made to customers own specs and dimensions.


Farm General Waste Bins

can be built to individual

sizes and requirements. These

are designed for everyday

use and rough handling.