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A Little Bit About Us . . .

Pearson Packages Ltd started out with Charles Pearson operating a company called CW Pearson in the early 50's. He ran a fleet of lorries on general haulage, which then progressed to lime spreading for the fields. As time went by he then moved onto making non returnable cauliflower crates for the markets. After a few years the farming methods and systems changed, and so too did CW Pearson. Around the early 1970's the cardboard box was widely used to replace the " non returnable ", and he installed a fleet of machines for processing cardboard boxes into the early form of the veg trays.

At the same time the first of the large vegetable crates were evolving from our factory, and along came the early potato boxes.

By 1978,  CW Pearson became Pearson Packages Ltd as we know it today.


After a few years the potato boxes were beginning to standardise into what we now have in use today, the standard 6' x 4' box.

And from this, our factory has come along in leaps and bounds, introduced modern technology, and here we are today.


And the business is still run by the same Pearson family as it started out with.

But none of this would have been possible without the staff themselves, any companies most valuable asset !


The business has been built on producing a quality product, and careful selection of materials, and of course dedicated long serving

members of staff. We insist that the components that go to making the boxes etc are machined to a + / -  0.5mm tolerance, as boxes

stacked 8 high in a potato store are subjected to very rigorous forces, therefore it is very important to have tight tolerance fitting of all components.

We have purpose made nailing machinery where we have total control of the machines, including our inhouse software design, which gives us the quality of the assembly stages that we require. We feel this is very important to ensure that the customer receives a product that is accurate, reliable and safe and will provide many years of service ( subject to service enviroment and usage).

We have designed and built our assembly machines all in house, so we have full control of the production standards required, and our software can be very easily adapted in house to suit for non standard products too.


We can produce a box to the Customers exact needs, quantities to order, in-house transport where possible. Repair materials are

also available, together with a range of other products - purpose pallets, potato chitting trays, bulb forcing trays, display stands etc, packing crates

fencing, sheds, summerhouses and cabins - just to mention a few of our other products.