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Last Updated - 26th April 2018

Last season ended up being very busy for us in the last quarter, when main crop potatoes were being lifted. We had record numbers of late orders produced, and managed very well to deliver the boxes in the timescales required by the customers.

Our 3 sets of energy renewables on our buildings continue to work very well, and have already proven to be successful. The production meters are monitored daily to ensure

we maximise the benefits of the systems.

We have recently undergone an audit for the ISPM15 heat treatment scheme, and have been

certified for a further 6 months. We have also been successfully re-audited for our FSC  license for the next 12 months.  Our license code is FSC-C111597.    We also continue to be very well supported by our suppliers for both of these schemes.


We occasionally have customers wishing to sell secondhand boxes, although we do not

handle these boxes ourselves we can usually link the seller and a buyer together.

We can supply stencils and paint for overspraying previous owners names on secondhand boxes. Please phone us for any requirements you have.


NEW LINE - We now have facilities for Screen Printing images onto our smaller products

such as the bushel boxes and trays etc. Most straightforward images can be designed and created in a choice of colours to suit. Old traditional logos are now back in fashion with many designs drawn up.