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Our Timber


The timber used on our products is sourced from mills in Russian and Northern Scandinavian forests where the timber is very slow growing, producing a very tight grain, and has long term stability, as well as a nice appearance on a planed finish. And with a tight grain, the timber has excellent nail holding properties.


The mills in these countries have been selected by us over the years by providing very good quality timber which is ideally suited for our range of products.


We buy the timber from UK timber importers whom we have built a very good sound and trusted relationship with over the years, and they continue to provide us with a very good standard of service and supply us with the exact timber for our needs.


All timber arriving here is checked in and all of the details are recorded for our Heat Treatment and FSC   program as well as verifying the properties, grades and the technical details of the packs themselves. Full documentary

backup is supplied by our importing agents.




Export packing crates to ISPM15 requirements

Export Potato Boxes to ISPM15 requirements

Timber Profiling

Pallets for Agricultural uses

A wide variety in shapes and sizes

 of Display stands

Purpose boxes for pack house applications

 Our main product -  A vast range of potato storage boxes


Shown below  is just a selection of the main products we manufacture here at our works. As well as the boxes, stands, pallets etc, we also manufacture potato and bulb chitting / forcing trays, apple bins, traditional Bushel boxes ( 1/2 and full ), and many other wooden products mainly associated with gardens, presentation of customers products and various display systems.


Our Products


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Boston Lincs

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A range of summerhouses, gazebos, log cabins, sheds, and arbors, are all built to order and to the customers requirements.


Log Storage Bins - built to customers requirements


Traditional 1/2 and full Bushel boxes

 with embossed printing.


And not forgetting of course, dog kennels and runs.


3 ton Onion storage bins


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