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Pearson Packages Ltd has been producing potato boxes since the late 1970's in various forms before the potato box evolved into what we know today. Although there are preferred standards and sizes, our range of boxes doesn't just stop at a few standard types.

We can produce boxes to suit for specific air flows where we calculate the gaps required, we offer extensive other options such as customer logos being sprayed onto the box, sequential numbering of boxes, recess for bar code and QR technology, closeboarded

and openboarded, sealed 4' ends, full closed base as well as many other options for

many different applications. All standard potato boxes conform to the requirements of BS7611:1992.  Please see our page " Recognised Standards " for further details.


All timber used is graded kiln dried and heat treated Russian or Scandinavian redwood.

All nails, bolts, washers etc are zinc plated for a far longer working life. We have

the nails zinc plated ourselves, giving us better quality control.




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A typical closeboarded 1.2T (38" High ) box.

A standard 1.1T ( 38" high ) openboarded box with nominal 1" gaps. These boxes have full rounded edges on ALL components to reduce crop damage.

One of many types of closeboarded 1.0T ( 36" high ) boxes.

Typical inside finish and construction of our boxes.

An Example of a closeboarded 1.25T  ( 42" ) high box.

Sealed ends, and openboarded sides for positive ventilation systems.